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released June 13, 2017

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Glass at Fort20
from February 2015 - February 2016
Drums and bass mixed by Matt Hills at Hillside Studios
Mastered by Andrew McHugh



all rights reserved


glass Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Sleep
Feel it scratching. It’s feeding off your mind
Paranoia waiting for things to align
Interpretation. You’re mistaken for a ghost
Just a shadow of your former self
It comes in your dreams waiting for you to sleep. It’s pulling you under
Time imagining things in the dark. It’s wasted
As the light fades in your mind, the shadow men come to play
Paralysing you with fear but they have nothing valuable to say
I feel it scratching
It comes in your dreams waiting for you to sleep
Track Name: Breathe
Push up stream
Bend to see what you wanted
A mystery, your misery
Now I’m cautious of everything
It’s building speed. It’s hard to breathe. Consequences for my actions
Can’t believe in all I see or it will overwhelm me.
I can’t believe
I’ll try to surface and find a purpose
Track Name: Lure
Climb the stairs
You’re heard but no one cares
The wave, it fills the void
It’s not your choice
I can offer words for all your breaking bones
Sway with the leaves
Sinking teeth and loss for all you’ve ever known
Pretend it’s gone
Lost and overdrawn
Sway with the leaves and you won’t feel.
Exhaling your dreams
Pretend it’s gone
Track Name: Nausea
I exist so soft and slow
Not that you’d ever know
And the light suspends us in the air
It moves like you do, not that you’d even care
I exist so soft and slow
Track Name: Dust
Crouched and wide eyed
Twisted and shaking leaves
Eyelids filled with dust
Feel it in your bones
Track Name: God
I feel good, bad, death, God
I am the seafloor, I see the prism city
Drink in the breeze, the garden looking into me
Asphalt severs the tie, the sky’s a silver hue
The carbon copy family just starring through
Static. Pull apart my code, forever fractal alone
If I am you and you are me, then we are very alone
Life designer, looking in
I don’t want to know it all, I’ll lose my mind.
Life designer, infinite soul
I don’t want to know it all, a burnt out sun.
Life designer, companionless
I don’t want to know it all, I want my friends back
Track Name: Melt
Slip away into the melt
Everything is really nothing
Out of time
Feel a breeze
Feel it on your skin
Only you
Lonely you
Track Name: Home
Flames at my fingertips
There’s a hole in my head that leaks in the night to the ocean
where I’m standing alone
There’s dust in my eyes so that I cannot see
All the things that I’m missing now that you are not here with me
Floating up in the clouds now, pushing past the trees
I see you fade away as you levitate past me
Guess I’ll see you round. Sunken in your despair
I look you right in the eyes but there’s nobody there anymore
To the ocean